Visa-free countries for citizens of Uzbekistan

Last year, Uzbekistan introduced a temporary Instruction on the exit procedures of citizens of Uzbekistan to the CIS countries. These changes mainly touched upon the exit procedures of the persons under age sixteen when in the cases of independent travels they had to provide the customs with the notarized consent of their parents or guardians. While the exit procedures for adult citizens remained the same.

Thus, when a person wishes to visit the CIS countries which have a visa-free regime with Uzbekistan such as Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and Georgia, he does not need to get an exit permit sticker. While this sticker is needed in case a person wishes to travel to Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. Nevertheless, if the stay in Kyrgyzstan does not exceed 60 days, there is no need to have an exit permit visa (Газета.uz)

More information on the visa-free entries to the far abroad countries and the visa charges for certain countries is provided in more detail in the infographics below

Infographics Source: IndexInfo

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